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Condor Airlines

A story from the perspective of one woman, and her experiences with Condor Airlines.

I would like to share my experience with Condor Airlines.  Although I can’t really share my experiences about actually flying since I’ve never left the airport.

It was sunny and beautiful day in Las Vegas, to be exact September 16th 2012.  I was scheduled to fly from Las Vegas to Frankfurt, flight 7083.  After passing through TSA security without any problems I was just about to be seated.

Than the fun began.  Before I was even able to get to my seat, I was escorted out.  Just few seconds after that, my I started recording the events.  Please judge for yourself.

I have asked numerous times throughout the recording for the reason to why I was escorted out.  After watching the video a couple of times I finally have figured it out; it was the captain’s decision.  At no point had I spoken to the captain.  What was his decision based on?  I could never find out what was the trigger event or the action taken by me that would warrant his decision.  Supposedly I was intoxicated but I did not cause any disturbance or did not do anything wrong.  You can see in the video how calm I was for over 30 minutes of the recording,  I’m attaching a sample of that recording.

My only logical conclusion was that the captain was not only an exceptional pilot but he was a breathalyzer machine that could detect and determent what was the acceptable blood alcohol level in my blood.  I’m also sure that he had received some extended medical training that he could determent without a reason or a test if a person is drunk, stressed out or plain tired.  The logical or not illogical reason was never given and the name of the accuser was never provided (as stated by Condor Airlines: security reasons).  The specific event or a reason was never provided.  There are cameras everywhere at the airport.  Condor Airlines please show me the proof of me doing or saying something wrong.  The TSA, airport security or Police was never called.  In the video I’ve asked numerous times for the Police presents.  I’ve asked for a drug and alcohol test.   If one is accused of something one should be able to defend him/herself against a specific accusation and be provided with the accuser’s identity.

Just a side note.  I have no criminal record; I have never been arrested and have never faced a similar predicament (all of those statements can be easily verifiable).  I have has a well-documented (by doctors) Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  I am very stressed out before any flights.  I have barely gotten any sleep because of the next day’s trip.   I had a couple of drinks before the flight to ease my nerves.   My husband took to the airport.  I looked stressed out and tired but nothing more.

After investigating the matter a bit more (calling Condor Airlines headquarters in Germany and in Chicago) we have found out that it was in fact captain’s decision.  The official story it that she seemed to be intoxicated (we have a recorded phone conversation of “seemed” part) (Condor Airlines: part of my husband’s conversation with their rep in Chicago)At this point when my husband has spoken to them (Condor Airlines reps) no specific reason or trigger event for the decision was provided.


Let’s examine the events in details.  What could have been the problem?


When I was getting on the plane I exchanged greetings with the pilot (captain) and crew by saying: “hi” to the pilot and the crew (flight attendants or stewardesses whatever you want to call them).  Since the pilot is a breathalyzer machine he could have determined after that extended and detailed conversation that I was intoxicated (good enough reason, understandable).

After that I was told to go to my seat number, I was spoken to in German, which I don’t speak.  Since I was at German airlines, obviously I should speak German.  It was assumed that since I am petite blond with blue eyes that I can at least understand German (understandable, all blonds are German).  After being spoken to in German I have made a smart ass remark under my breath:  “I don’t speak Chinese” (actually I consider it clever and funny but it could have been interpreted as being intoxicated, understandable, since supposedly pilot was listening to the conversation, once again at no point I’ve spoken to the captain).

After that I was escorted to my seat which was at the end of the plane.  Then the person (who did not want to tell me her name) said: “sit” in German.  Just few seconds after that I’ve put my bag down and the same person said: “please fallow me and take your bag with you”. (I actually thought that she was upgrading me to the first class, how naive).  I was badly mistaken.  Unfortunately that person escorted me out of that plane.  Than the same individual asked me three times (seems as a psychological trick to make people angry or play with people’s patience) as if I was retarded or deaf person: “in case of the emergency are you going to be able to respond to the directions?’.  My first calm response was: “if I wasn’t asleep I would” (smart ass remark that could be an indication of being drunk, especially if being overheard by captain)”.  When asked two more times the same question I have calmly answered “yes, I would” both times (without any remarks).  After that I was walked away from the plane.  I have started recording from that point on, since I knew that something was wrong.  Since I am very optimistic and a positive person I could not believe what was happening.


That is recollection of the events from my perspective.  I would like to hear the Condor Airlines story.  I would like to know which part of those events is a base for me not being allowed to board the plane.  Please provide as with the video evidence since I would not really believe their personnel’s story.  Their story changed and was inconsistent (please watch the video even though I know it’s not that exciting).


In one of the videos Condor Airlines employee even says: “she was calm until …” than the same employee said: “it wasn’t so bad”.  My question is: what wasn’t so bad? (Condor Airlines Employee: she was calm, wasn’t so bad)


Condor Airlines I would like to thank you for treating me so well.




One very satisfied customer

Video: Condor Airlines; part of my husband's conversation with their rep in Chicago

This is a part of a conversation that my husband had with Condor Airlines representative in Chicago. The official reason: "she seemed to be intoxicated". When pressed what exactly I have done, the answer was: I don't know. I still can't find a reason.